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The Berry Farm

30KW Rosa Glen Valley, WA

Roof Mount, Grid Connect

Located in the Rosa Glen valley in the Margaret River region, The Berry Farm is a gourmet food and wine manufacturer and tourist destination that have been successfully producing their range of products since 1986.

Project Details

The Berry Farm General Manager, Michael Skivinis engaged WAAE to perform a detailed Electricity Assessment and Site Assessment to determine how they could substantially reduce the energy consumption costs for their business. The Berry Farm wanted to both reduce its electricity consumption and try to reduce its tariff peak price per unit from its retailer.

Upon completion of these assessments WA Alternative Energy then produced a viability report outlining the best solution for their needs, projected savings to their electricity costs, as well as available ownership and lease options. We agreed that a 30kw solar energy system was the most suitable for the site which meant the site would export a minimal amount of electricity on to the grid over a year.


The Berry Farm has reduced its consumption from the grid by 28%. Also 12 months after the installation we were able to renegotiate the electricity tariff on behalf of the Berry Farm and reduce their peak tariff price by 25% and their off peak price by 20%. This is great outcome for the business as not only have they reduced their electricity but their costs have now reduced by 40%.