20 Years of Experience

20 Years of Experience

Our team is amongst the most experienced in WA.

WAAE began with a desire to install high quality durable solar installations for residential properties and commercial entities with the intent to reduce client energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint of WA.

Prior to the establishment of WA Alternative Energy, the principal, Simon Barclay, developed keen interest in clean energy and its environmental benefits while managing his electrical contracting business.  After recognising it as a gap in the local solar PV retailer’s market at the time, he sought to develop a company whereby the CEC Accredited solar designers and installers were also licenced electricians and electrical contractors, as opposed to the trend of using unqualified labour for the installation and subcontracting electricians for grid connection processes. As a result, every stage of our projects including energy assessments, design, installation, commissioning and post installations services are handled in house, by qualified personnel, with no need for outsourcing.

As experienced Electrical contractors and CEC accredited PV system designers and installers we have extensive experience in managing the technical, regulatory, commercial and, where applicable, government funding requirements associated with large scale PV applications. Our company has developed a strong reputation for integrity, efficiency and quality workmanship. We place high value on our industry networks and work hard to maintain and strengthen these relationships.

You can have confidence in the fact that you will always know who you are dealing with throughout our entire process and trust in the high level of expertise that we provide for every service and recommendation.