Industry Knowledge & Contacts

Industry Knowledge & Contacts

We pride ourselves on our depth of industry and technical knowledge.

As experienced Electrical Contractors and CEC accredited PV system designers and installers we have extensive experience in managing the technical, regulatory, commercial and, where applicable, government funding requirements associated with large-scale PV applications. Our company has developed a strong reputation for integrity, efficiency and quality workmanship. We place high-value on our industry networks and work hard to maintain and strengthen these relationships.

West Australian Alternative Energy’s Principal, Simon Barclay, is heavily involved in the industry holding key positions in the renewable energy sector including:

Australian Standards Committee Member

Appointed to the EL-042  Standards Committee for Renewable Energy Power Systems in 2013.

Associate Member Representative to the Clean Energy Council’s Solar PV Leadership Committee

The CEC is a national industry association made up of more than 550 member companies operating in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Solar PV Leadership Committee is the key decision-making body for the solar PV sector within the CEC addressing priorities such as communications, industry integrity, grid connection and integration, market reform and electricity pricing.  As such, each position within this committee represents a key leadership role within the solar PV sector and is critical in driving the work and priorities of the industry.

CEC Installer Reference group (one of two representatives for WA)

This role provides opinions on quality and industry integrity issues as they apply to installers, represents the views of installers in policy development, and advises on projects and changes to the industry that impact on installers.

Clean Energy Regulator Inspector

Simon has been an authorised inspector for Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) since 2011. Simon’s duties as an authorised inspector include:-

  1. Inspecting and assessing installed PV systems
  2. Ensuring that PV systems installed meet all statutory requirements as set in:-
  • Australian Standards for PV systems
  • Australian Standards for wiring
  • Clean Energy Council requirements
  • Commissioning of reports of inspected systems
  • Providing feedback to GSES and installers
  • Ensuring industry best practices

This commitment to the industry and to the quality of workmanship has enabled us to establish key relationships with leading industry affiliates, suppliers, network operators and regulatory bodies both in Western Australia and on a national level.