Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

WAAE offer comprehensive ongoing monitoring and maintenance to help clients get the most out of their solar generation plant and the most out of their energy-saving opportunities.

Maintenance is essential to ensure production values are met and the system performs over a long period of time and offsite monitoring alerts us to any issues that may arise. These services are readily available to ensure your system performs at optimum levels.

The monitoring ensures the commercial solar system is working at all times and gives our customers reassurance that any interruptions are minimized. The main benefits are:

Daily Production Values emailed to our office

We have a dedicated person cross-referencing daily production values from other sites in your area, to ensure the system is working to its optimum.

Monthly Analysis against design production values

When you purchase a commercial solar system we estimate the production figures monthly, when the system is operational we then cross reference the design figures against the actual production figures. This gives peace of mind that the system will reach the desired ROI.

Email Alerts if an inverter is switched off

If any of your inverters are switched off either by someone or if one inverter goes into fault mode we will automatically receive an email about the interruption to the production of the solar system. This is invaluable as it minimizes any downtime of your solar system ensuring the ROI is maintained.