• 12/03/2018

Casson Homes

Casson Homes

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Casson Homes

95kW, North Perth & Helena Valley

Casson Homes Inc. provide a high standard of care and support services through its licenced psychiatric hostels and residential aged care facilities in Perth. casson Homes have a wide variety of supportive programs in place for clients living with a mental illness and offers a home-like environment, access to professional staff and mental health services both onsite and externally.

Project Details

Casson Homes decided to make the switch to renewable energy and chose WAAE to help them achieve their solar goals. As a consumer of electricity at all times both night and day, Casson wanted to reduce their consumption from the grid and in turn lower their rising energy costs from their electricity retailer.

West Australian Alternative Energy conducted a detailed Energy Assessment at the St Rita’s, Woodville House and Casson House hostels and produced a viability report outlining the optimum solution to reduce the energy consumption costs for each site.

It was determined that a 40kW, 25kW and 30kW PV system would be appropriate for the energy demands of St Rita’s, Woodville and Casson Houses and these solar energy systems were designed and installed by the experienced team at WAAE.

At WAAE we use only the highest quality products from leading manufacturers, including German made SMA Sunny Tripower inverters. Casson Homes uses the SMA Sunny Portal to monitor their energy consumption and production online at any time. This data that is generated will be of great benefit to determine future requirements for battery systems.