• 15/03/2018

Cloverdale Dairy

Cloverdale Dairy

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Cloverdale Dairy

40KW Capel, WA

Roof Mount, Grid Connect

Cloverdale Dairy was established in 1985 raising dairy cattle for milk production. They are based in Capel, WA.

Project Details

Cloverdale Dairy engaged WA Alternative Energy to present a detailed Viability Report outlining how they could reduce the energy consumption costs for their business.  Cloverdale Dairy was looking to reduce its electricity consumption from the grid and try to reduce the ongoing increasing costs from its electricity retailer. It was determined a 40 kW solar energy system was the best solution for this site.


The 40kW solar energy system was built in an existing paddock. The system will reduce the electricity consumption from the grid by 17% and reduce their electricity costs by 20%. The important observation made though the viability analysis was that in the middle of the day there was no load, so WAAE designed a system to face 25% of the system due west. This allowed the power to be produced at the same time as the afternoon milking.