• 09/03/2018



1024 684 West Australian Alternative Energy


100kW, Byford

Coles is an Australian supermarket, retail and consumer services chain, headquartered in Melbourne and owned by parent company Wesfarmers. Founded in 1914, Coles operates approximately 800 supermarkets throughout Australia and  has over 100,000 employees.

Coles is constantly exploring ways to protect the environment by investing in a number of important sustainability projects to reduce their environmental impact.  These projects include being more energy efficient through solar power installations.

West Australian Alternative Energy was engaged to design and install a 100kW solar system at the newly constructed Coles store in Byford.

In a first for Coles in Western Australia, its new supermarket at Byford  installed solar power to generate enough electricity for 50 average Australian homes. The store was selected as the state’s flagship solar powered supermarket due to the growing Byford population.

Powered by 770 solar panels, up to 20 per cent of the supermarket’s annual energy use comes from the 1,260sqm of solar panels installed on the store’s roof. Solar is now a standard feature of all new Coles stores to open in the future.