• 15/03/2018

Dalyellup Family Medical

Dalyellup Family Medical

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Dalyellup Family Medical

10KW Dalyellup, Gelorup and Stratham, WA

Roof Mount, Grid Connect, Remotely Monitored

Dalyellup Family Medical Centre commenced in 2004 to service the medical needs of people living in the Dalyellup, Gelorup and Stratham areas. They are an Accredited Practice that strives to offer a caring, team based and accessible medical service.

Project Details

Dalyellup Family Medical Centre engaged WA Alternative Energy to perform a detailed Viability Report to determine how they could reduce the energy consumption costs for their business. Dalyellup Family Medical Centre wanted to both reduce its electricity consumption and try to reduce its ongoing increasing costs from its retailer. It was determined a 10 kW solar energy system was the best fit for the site.


The 10kW solar energy system was built on the building. The system will reduce the electricity consumption from the grid by 31% and reduce their electricity costs by 31%.