Energy Assessment

WA Alternative Energy are experts at giving you the right solution to reduce your energy costs and limiting your exposure to future energy price rises.

We have a variety of payment options available to our clients including outright ownership or leasing options. We also now offer WAAE Pay As You Go Electricity so you can change electricity suppliers to WA Alternative Energy and potentially make significant savings. Our team has installed commercial solar systems across all industry sectors. See our Case Studies here.

Once you make contact with WA Alternative Energy we book you in for our Energy Assessment with one of our solar engineers. This is an on-site monitoring procedure and assessment at no cost or obligation to the client. This is conducted to:

  1. Accurately monitor your current energy usage to determine the optimum system size by analysing your real-time data.
  2. Evaluate the site and assess it’s viability
  3. Review services required and determine possible infrastructure issues
  4. Conduct a risk assessment

Once the ENERGY ASSESSMENT is completed you will be provided with the WAAE VIABILITY REPORT.  This will contain conclusive, customised recommendations for the optimum solar power solution for the client’s business.