• 09/03/2018

National Storage

National Storage

1024 543 West Australian Alternative Energy

National Storage

116kW, Perth Metropolitan Area

National Storage is one of Australasia’s largest self-storage providers, tailoring self-storage solutions to over 35,000 residential and commercial customers at more than 100 storage centres across Australia and New Zealand.

National Storage is proactively exploring and, where feasible, implementing solutions designed to manage climate change risk, reduce carbon emissions and overall impact on the environment. As part of its sustainability initiatives, National Storage completed an economic and feasibility study into the installation of a solar photovoltaic network across the portfolio.

Following this study, West Australian Alternative Energy was engaged to design and install a roll out of  solar PV systems across nine National Storage sites throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

West Australian Alternative Energy installed a total of 116kW across nine separate branches, all with complete monitoring capabilities. This allows National Storage to remotely monitor the production and consumption of energy for all sites at any time.