Solar Leasing

WA Alternative Energy offers an innovative solar leasing program. The program allows businesses to invest in the lower cost benefits of solar power without the upfront cost associated and pay the system back over a set term. The upfront capital cost of installing solar and/or the cash flow impacts of financing total installation costs can be prohibitive for some businesses. The solar leasing program allows businesses the ability to finance their solar installation (rather than waiting for budgets to permit) effectively via the savings they will generate from their ongoing energy bills. The program is fully customisable to your own businesses’ requirements.

How Does It Work?

  • No upfront costs
  • You pay an agreed monthly rental fee for the Solar System.
  • Flexible contract terms and payment options.
  • Solar system design and installation performed by WAAE’s fully CEC accredited electricians.
  • WA Alternative Energy can provide the on-going operation and maintenance requirements to ensure ongoing performance.
Quality solar panels for agriculture and industrial uses