• 15/03/2018

South West Express

South West Express

1024 262 West Australian Alternative Energy

South West Express

24KW Bunbury, WA

Roof Mount, Grid Connect, Remotely Monitored

South West Express Bunbury are one of the South West’s premier transport companies servicing Perth and regional centres. As a supplier of transport solutions using refrigerated trucks, South West Express has seen its freight task grow considerably in recent years. Starting from a one man/one truck operation less than 20 years ago, the fleet is now handling a number of distribution contracts around the south western corner of WA. The company handles all of Woolworths secondary freight needs including BWS stores in this area as well as hauling refrigerated goods for a number of major customers based in the South Western WA area

Project Details

South West Express engaged WA Alternative Energy to perform a detailed Viability Report to determine how they could reduce the energy consumption costs for their business. South West Express wanted to both reduce its electricity consumption and try to reduce its ongoing increasing costs from its retailer. It was determined a 24 kW solar energy system was the best fit for the site.


The 24kW solar energy system was built on the warehouse. The system will reduce the electricity consumption from the grid by 51% and reduce their electricity costs by 51%.