• 15/03/2018

Credaro Wines

Credaro Wines

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Credaro Wines

60KW Carbunup River, WA

Roof Mount, Grid Connect, Remotely Monitored

The Credaro family has been commercially involved in the wine industry since the 80’s. Today the family owns three separate vineyards and manages 120 hectares of vines in the sub-regions of Carbunup, Treeton, Yallingup and Wallcliffe. The Credaro Winery is situated just north of the Carbunup River on Bussell Highway. This facility was built in 2003 with the capacity to crush up to 700 tonnes. The winery houses all of the Credaro wines for the two labels and it also provides contract winemaking services to several other wine producers from the region. The winery is equipped with state of the art machinery from around the world, which is critical to maximise the quality of all wines produced by Credaro.

Project Details

Credaro Wines were looking for a solution to reduce their electricity consumption from the grid while trying to minimise their exposure to future rises in electricity costs by their retailer. Credaro Wines engaged WA Alternative Energy to perform an in depth Energy and Site Assessment and produce a Viability Report outlining how they could reduce the energy consumption costs for their business.  It was determined a 60 kW solar energy system was the optimum solution for their site.


The 60kW solar energy system was built on the new winery roof. This roof was specifically designed for the weight and size on the solar energy system taking into consideration the tilt of the modules for optimum production on the site. The Credaro site will reduce it electricity consumption from the grid by 28% per year and this will also give Credaro Wines leverage in determining their peak power price in the future.