• 09/03/2018

Horizon Power-Djarindin and Lombadina Communities

Horizon Power-Djarindin and Lombadina Communities

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Horizon Power- Djarindin and Lombadina Communities

114.4 kW

West Australian Alternative Energy was engaged by Horizon Power to design and install three solar systems in the remote Aboriginal communities of Djarindjin and Lombadina in the Kimberley.

The Djarindjin and Lombadina Corporations partnered with Horizon Power as part of the newly created Solar Incentives Scheme. Under the Scheme, Horizon Power will contribute a portion of the upfront capital cost of solar panels and inverters to eligible Aboriginal Corporations.

These installations will allow each community to reduce their energy bills by up to $40,000 a year.

A team from West Australian Alternative Energy traveled north and completed the project over a three week period. This involved co-ordinating the logistics of transporting all materials and equipment from Perth to the remote Kimberley region.